10 - Censor / 15. Practice Makes Perfect


Hi friends!

Having some issues with my code, it fails on censor("hey hey hey", "hey")

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces'
def censor(text, word)
cens = text.split()
print cens
for text[i] in cens:
if text[i] == word:
text[i] == '*'*len(word)
text = "".join(cens) ''
return text

The print cens was just me trying to debug. Not too clear on what I'm doing with text.split() and "".join() so I don't know if they're completely wrong.

Really appreciate the help :slight_smile:


your function should return the result:

text = "".join(cens)
return text

now if we add a function call:

print censor("hey hey hey", "hey")

we can actually see what is happening, and the first issue which arises is your for loop:

for text[i] in cens:

that doesn't work, that must be i instead of text[i], but that would give you the words, not really practical if you want to manipulate a list, use range().

Please make your indent show and post an updated version of your code: