10. Array positions error


what is the problem ???

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@designsolver51917 that is way off... I dont see any problem there.[probably codecademy's console bug...]

Yea the error is confusing i have same exact thing and passing:

var junkData = ["Eddie Murphy", 49, "peanuts", 31];


What browser are you using?


Have you used console.log = at all while doing this exercise? seems you've overwritten what console.log does

refresh the page and resubmit, that should fix it



@benjnev by the picture he showed us he didnt use console.log = , instead console.log();


Try separating them one tab.

var junkData["Eddie Murphy", 49, "peanuts", 31];


Or maybe this really is a Codecademy console bug. If it is, contact them.

I hope this helps!
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Notice the "have you used it AT ALL during the exercise."

That means they could have then changed it after realising that they shouldn't be using console.log =



Oh ok sorry... But one question. Why does it matter if he used

console.log = "something"

and then changed it to


I mean it shouldnt matter what you did previously with a normal compiler.. Something odd with Codecademy Compiler :confused: ?


In this instance it shouldn't be to bad,

But when you're trying to do something like this look what happens.


Where as if I change some bits around to be correct so console.log() instead of console.log = this happens:


See what I mean?


Yea @benjnev interesting error :laughing:(Never thought i would say that..) .