10/33 Another way to create


I've completed the task just as I was instructed. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you. here is my code.

// Our bob object again, but made using a constructor this time
var bob = new Object();
bob.name = "Bob Smith";
bob.age = 30;
// Here is susan1, in literal notation
var susan1 = {
name: "Susan Jordan",
age: 24,
// Make a new susan2 object, using a constructor instead

var susan2 = new Object();
susan.name = "Susan Jordan";
susan.age = 24;

//I don't understand why this won't pass, it's the exact code I'm suppose to enter.


Hi @letsgohyde
Try this :

var susan2 = new Object();
susan2.name = "Susan Jordan";
susan2.age = 24;

Hold on :wink:


Thanks that works :wink: