10/33 another way to create ... need help!


// Our bob object again, but made using a constructor this time
var bob = new Object();
bob.name = "Bob Smith";
bob.age = 30;
// Here is susan1, in literal notation
var susan1 = {
name: "Susan Jordan",
age: 24
// Make a new susan2 object, using a constructor instead
var susan2 = new Object();
susan.name = "Susan Jordan";
susan.age = 24;

Oops, try again. Make sure susan1 and susan2 have the same name property


Look carefully through your code. You should have susan1 object (and you do), and also susan2 object. Near the end of your code the susan2 object gets created var susan2 = new Object(); but it's name never gets changed.

The last 2 rows of your code should change the susan2 object, not the susan object. :wink: