10/28 question


Oops, try again. Is your string at least three words long?



Your word is four letters long, you need to fix it so that it is three, then the computer will accept it. For instance you could use words like red, fit, ted, etc. Hope this helps :slight_smile:




oops, fell right into that :slight_smile: I'll go ahead and fix that.


So, how do I correct them, I know what difference between words and letters, but I had tried everything, and yet refer to errors, for example, if I writes like this.



It goes same way, even I go by three letters, it is remain the same error, is it a bug?


Did you try three words? Show me.



Okay, I see what you are doing there. That is asking the for the length of one word three times -- try asking for the length of three words - all at once.


Same problem...


That's three letters, not three words.


What you need to do is write at least three words, not letters. For instance, "Hello William, how are you doing?"


okay I had not thought of that, i will try, if not i will post another screenshot, hopeing its not bugs


Thanks for your help, it works!


I'm glad that it works :slight_smile: If you ever need any more help then just ask :slight_smile:


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