I don't understand. Help me :

function executeCompoundQuery(){
var client = new Usergrid.Client({
//Initialize your client here!

//Setup your options object here
//Fill in the query type accordingly
//Fill in the query parameters accordingly
var options = {
qs: {"ql": "where category = 'statue' and location within 1000 meters of 42.3314, -83.0458"} };

//Here is where the query executes and puts the results on the screen
client.createCollection(options, function(error, myLandmarks){
if(error) {
$("#response").append("An error occurred");
} else {
//Get the first landmark in the set using getFirstEntity()
var landmark = myLandmarks.getFirstEntity();
//Retrieve it's name with get()
var name = landmark.get("landmark_name");
//Retrieve the fact about it with get()
var fact = landmark.get("fact");

    //Append to the screen