10/15 I need some help


I’d like some help with my code, it doesn’t seem to work.

        word_as_list = word.split()
        text_as_list = text.split()
        x = 0
        while x < len(text) -1:
            if text_as_list[x:len(word)-1] == word_as_list[0:len(word)-1]:
                text_as_list[x:len(word)-1] = "*" * (len(word))                
            x += 1
        return text_as_list

And on another note, I found it hard to get through this chapter. I felt like I was missing the right mindset or knowledge to efficiently and properly get through these exercices. Any tip on that?

Thanks in advance!


What happens if you return the above, and remove the last line from your code?