10/14 not sure what I am doing wrong


var iLoveJavaScript = prompt("I love Java Script");
var iLoveLearning = prompt("I love learning");

switch(iLoveJavaScript && iLoveLearning){
    case 'yes':
        iLoveJavaScript = true;
        iLoveLearning = true;
        iLoveJavaScript = false;
        iLoveLearning = false;

if(iLoveJavaScript && iLoveLearning) {
    // if iLoveJavaScript AND iLoveLearning:
    console.log("Awesome! Let's keep learning!");
} else if(!(iLoveJavaScript || iLoveLearning)) {
    // if NOT iLoveJavaScript OR iLoveLearning:
    console.log("Let's see if we can change your mind.");
} else {
    console.log("You only like one but not the other? We'll work on it.");


What's wrong about it? What do you want it to do differently? It's only a question if you ask something!


Why don't you just do what the Instructions asked you to do
Starting to make sense? Set both variables in the editor to true and hit Save & Submit Code to see what happens!