For some reason I cannot get this code to work.

I've had a look in some of the other topics for 10/13 and all of them say to use the below but it's not working. Any ideas what I'm missing or need to add?

var junkData = ["Eddie Murphy", 49, "peanuts", 31];


Weirdly if I change the code to the following it prints 31 but says "Oops, try again. Alas, you should have printed 31, as that is the 4th element!"

var junkData = ["Eddie Murphy", 49, "peanuts", 31];

console.log = junkData [3]



Once you run the above, console.log() will no longer work as a function. You will need to refresh the page to restore JavaScript back to normal.


should work. Be sure to refresh the page, not Reset.


Thank you! That's really frustrating as I had no idea why it wouldn't work but at least I know for future.