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For step 2, it says Install the gems in Gemfile. Do I do this in the Terminal or the Code Editor?

It also comes up with an error message: Remember to use 'bundle' to install the gems.What is bundle? It is not in the glossary and I can't find it in previous lessons.

Please help me. I need an answer quick, as it is due in two days!!! (Coding is part of my curriculum)!!!

From coder_girl123


I believe it is, bundle install.


Thanks, it is so OBVIOUS right now :blush:


I'm having the same issue using this code:

bundle install Gemfile

The response error is : "Remember to use 'bundle' to install the gems."


Just use bundle install without including Gemfile.


awesome! Thank you mtf! Why don't I have to specify the file though??


I'm not well enough versed in Rails to give you a good answer, but I suspect it has to do with the way CC has configured it for the course. A lot of setup has been done already. I'll invite another member who may have more insight into this...


Thanks mtf! Looking forward to hearing their response. Thanks so much for your help.


@snaylz Bundler will only install Gems from a file called Gemfile:

Specify your dependencies in a Gemfile in your project's root

If it's called anything else, Bundler will throw an error. Since Bundler will only work with a file with a specific name (Gemfile), it's not necessary for you to specify the filename :slight_smile:

Make sense?

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