1 - loop continues to run or not


"As long as the condition evaluates to true, the loop will continue to run. As soon as it's false, it'll stop. (When you use a number in a condition, as we did earlier, JavaScript understands 1 to mean true and 0 to mean false.)"

var coinFace = Math.floor(Math.random() * 2);

while(coinFace === 0){
	console.log("Heads! Flipping again...");
	var coinFace = Math.floor(Math.random() * 2);
console.log("Tails! Done flipping.");

0 is false, and in the exercise we had coinFace === 0, and loop runs until it reach 1, then stop and show ("Tails! Done flipping."). And you said that when condition is true (1, not false) the loop continues to run...


Your question from all this is? or you are just making a note?


its a question becouse i dont understand this. You said that loop runs when its true, and here loop runs when its false. So what is the difference?


No run the code several times and see the result. you will realize that the results are never the same. It is sometimes juggling between just

Tails! Done flipping.
Heads! Flipping again...(any number of times) and then Tails! Done flipping.

The value of coinFace is changing between 0 and 1 so when it is 0 the loop will execute but when it is 1 then the loop will exit