1 List accessing need halp


Ok so this is very weird its asking me to

Please add the code to print out the second element in the list.

and gave me this code saying,,,

n = [1, 3, 5]
with hints saying...Remember that elements in a list start from index 0 and they are accessed in the form

where x is the name of the list and n is the index in that list that you're trying to access.

plz halp


Examine the indexes of the list, and their values. Starting at index 0, we have n[0] == 1, the first element. The second element then will be...?


so the second element will be n[2] == 3 and n[4] == 5 ?


There are only three elements in all,

n[0] == 1
n[1] == 3
n[2] == 5

Index numbers are sequential, starting at 0.


and so the code wants us or me to type that into python as a code right. So how will I be able to do that?


The second element is n[1] so we would just print it:

print n[1]    # prints 3


OOOOOOOOO ok I get it now thanks