1. Lesson Number One



Here is my code plus the error message that I'm getting:

What could I be doing wrong?




you should remove squared brackets in the "name". It should be: "name": "Lloyd",


That worked! However, I don't understand why I had to remove the square brackets, considering in the example that was given (see below), they used square brackets:

So, how am I supposed to know when to use the square brackets and when not to?



I suppose it's just a codecademy thing. I mean they just wanted You to print 'Lloyd' instead of ['Lloyd'] which would be printed if code looked like yours. But You know, I'm just guessing.


square brackets are used for creating a list. In the example given, a cat has more than one sound but in your code LLOYD cannot have more than one name.


Thank-you! I knew I had something wrong but just couldn't understand why it was wrong. This is a perfect way of remembering that I do not need to create a list if I am just assigning one value to the key of the dictionary.


Ah, that explains it. Thanks. :thumbsup:


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