1. Lesson Number One. Bug or error? Please Help


Hi, i am stucked in this excersice by 20 minutes because i dont understand why my code is bad.

The problem is saying "Oops, try again. It looks like lloyd is not a dictionary"
Some one can help me explaining the error?
I reloaded the page 2 times but it is continuing showing this error

lloyd = {'name', 'homework', 'quizzes', 'tests'}
alice = {'name', 'homework', 'quizzes', 'tests'}
tyler = {'name', 'homework', 'quizzes', 'tests'}


You have to assign the value. For examples:
"name" : "Lloyd"
"name" : "Alice"
"name" : "Tyler"


I have already solved it but it was hard

But thanks you anyway :grinning:


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