1. Introduction


var speed = 65;

// Complete the condition in the ()s on line 4
if("speed > 80") {
console.log("Slow down");

else {
console.log("Drive safe");

"It looks like you didn't print the correct string"
I have tried everything

  • checked my placement, spelling, punctuation
  • refreshing browser, resetting the code, copying and pasting.
    Can you help me out and tell me where my error is please?"


Remove the quotes so the variable, the operator and the value are exposed.

if (speed > 80)



The IF ELSE statement

if ( condition ) {
    //IF code-block
else {
   //ELSE code-block

If you write "speed > 80"
you have a so-called String
instead of a comparison in your condition. like
( speed > 80 )


Thank you so much! I feel like I need a recap to refresh my memory.


Ah I see my error, thank you so much for the help!