1. Hello AngularJS I Part 3: MainController.js

app.controller('MainController', ['$scope', function($scope) { 
    $scope.title = 'Top Sellers in Books'; 

I’ve copied and pasted the exact code from the lesson… and it throws the error:
> Make sure that the “Top Sellers in Books” title appears as the heading of the page.

The top of what page?

Did you open your index.html and add in he code ?

see in the above code you have the title set now you need to have it to run on your app to do that you need to add:<h1>{{ title }}</h1> to index.html

as the instruction says:

In index.html inside <div class="main">, modify the <h1> element so it looks like this:

{{ title }}

``` > View the AngularJS app in the browser by visiting http://localhost:8000. The "Top Sellers in Books" content appears as the heading of the page.

It works now, thanks. But that was the 5th step while the one I was struggling on was the 3rd and wouldn’t let me proceed past it. I assumed the point was to go through each step, since steps 4 and 5 were grayed out.

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It was grayed out for me too. Maybe a bug?