1. Global Scope (Lesson Bug)


Look at the screenshot. I'm pretty sure i'm creating the variable correctly so why isn't this working? You teach us this in Lesson 1.


This bug usually is caused by chrome. Try switching your browser.


I have the exact same issue, and switching to Microsoft edge didn't work for me.


I'm also getting this issue too initially on Chrome but I've tried Firefox and Edge.


I don't know if there is a downside but I managed to get past it by waiting for the help pop-up to show and then clicking 'get code'. It has only shown me what I would have done anyway so I don't feel like I've cheated.


Trying an alternate browser didn't work. I had to use rubyplayer70327's workaround.

Please fix this!


I'm having the same problem. I used the "get code" after it didn't work like 5 times. I saw that the code was EXACTLY what I entered so I copied the code, refreshed the exercise, and pasted the code. Still didn't work. This is super frustrating and kinda pathetic that it was missed. Since this is the first step to a whole section, it messes up the everything that follows after. Honestly, if this isn't fixed soon, I'm switching to some other product to learn Java S.


I just checked through the forum and this has been a problem for almost half a year. What the ■■■■? How could this possibly have gone unseen for so long? Unless I get a response to this in a couple days, I'm definitely switching to something else to learn Java S. This is pathetic.


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