1. Directives 1 Step 3

I’ve typed everything for this step word for word into the appInfo.html file, yet it’s telling me that I didn’t do it correctly. Do I need to link it to something first is this a bug?

I’ve triple checked my code and I’m sure everything’s correct but I’m just getting an endless loading circle when I hit run…Pretty sure I’m passing but the site seems unresponsive at this step unfortunately.

I’m having problems here too… have I done something wrong? Not really understanding this course so may very well have added code to wrong place

I’m pretty sure there is some sort of bug, I have looked over the few different files and cannot find any issue-

Line 55. One issue the compiler might be picking up on is that you’ve listed an HTML (non-script) file in the source of a script tag.

changing that comes up with a different error relating to it wanting .html

Hi you have typed the code in the wrong place you are suppose to type the code in appInfo.html file which is a new file and not in index.html

huh? How? is there really no more explained coursxe thn this one for AngularJS? I’m sure it’s fine if you have a HTML base but with no knowledge thry may as well be speaking another language hehehehe

So we have no solution for this codecademy ? I have the same issue than you systemblaster i don’t understand why

Still no solution guys?

Same issue still present.
I tried with Opera, Firefox as well as Chrome.
It seems that the first time it runs, it doesn’t give the error. Only the second time you try to pass it, will it give the error of “Did you display an app’s info in js/directives/appInfo.html?”.

Not sure how to get through the lesson this way. :frowning:

Where did you learn the code for step 2? And my step 3 is broken too.:tired_face:

Later update: I figured out the thinking behind step 2.


Some space issue in code, If you type manually please try to copy paste exact same code in appInfo.html

{{ info.title }}

{{ info.developer }}

{{ info.price | currency }}

It worked for me.

Ignore the error, go ahead by clicking Get Code on the Having Trouble alert ( along with keep trying).

Type the second part of code(step 3) into another file. Notice that there is a difference - one file is .js, the other one is .html. So in step one put the code into .js file, and in step 3 - in .html