1. Backtracking Intro

I’m Stuck on step 3 it says “Commit the changes to the repository with a good commit message” but i don’t know what too do!!!

In the terminal just type (right-hand side):

git commit -m “(Then fill in your commit message within the quotations but without the parentheses)”

I’m not sure if you’re asking exactly what to put as the commit message because I didn’t either. I’m still not sure of what makes a “good” commit message, so I just put this:

git commit -m “Complete Scene 5 dialogue”

Hope this helps!


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You want a message that will help you know what was in that particular commit. For example, after you have 50 commits, and you want to find the one where you changed all the LARRY to whatever that was, it would be easier on you, and anyone else working on that repo, if the commit says “changed all the LARRY to …”, instead of “commit 22” or “a bunch of changes”.

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Oh ok, thanks. That helped a lot!

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