1/7 HELP ME Search Text Your Name


I don't know how to do this one that's it can you help me anyone please!!!!!!!!!!! it is very confusing


All you have to do is click "Save and Submit"...


If you don't understand this, don't worry. Just hit Save and Submit; it'll explain all of it later. Even if you still don't get it, we'll be right here to help ya!


Why is there no "var" before "text"?? If it's an error, why isn't it fixed? If that syntax is okay, why doesn't Code Academy say so???

I'm not liking how Eric Weinstein is authoring these lessons...hope Leng Lee (or someone better) returns for the rest....


@dc_super_rich I do not know exactly what you mean. What are you talking about that there is no "var" before text? Please, more details and your code will be helpful.


I just wonder, have you read the Forum Guidelines ??


Look at the code that's pre-populated in the editor for 1/7...there's no "var text =" but simply "text ="...threw me off at first but then I wondered, why don't they correct that!!


Leonhard, you speak English! Finally a statement from you which I can parse!

No, I don't read Forum Guidelines ("nothing illegal, nothing personal, blah blah blah") just like I don't read Terms and Conditions ("yadda yadda yadda: you owe us your soul") -- just like no one does, either.

Do you really wait for the light before you cross the road, or do you simply look both ways? 'Cause lemme tell ya, it don't matter what the light says; it matters how fast the car's movin'!!


I see about your "var text" and "text" confusion, and yes, I understand that it is unusual. But please be nice to others in these forums. :neutral_face:


Being critical and sarcastic isn't a matter of being nice or not nice -- it's neither/nor, nothing to do with being nice or not nice.

I haven't attacked anyone's person. I've only complained about Leonhard's generally cryptic manner of responding to problems. Once. (Well, before -- now twice.) What's wrong with that? I've also complained about author Eric Weinstein's pedagogical choices in this lesson. So what??

And you really mean to tell me that you didn't notice the pre-populated code in 1/7 was missing "var" when assigning "text"???


As an observer, and out of my hearth,
please have a read through


Hey, Leonhard, it's really nothing personal. Just thought you should know that the responses you've provided seemed like puzzles in themselves. I'm sure you mean well, and I can even imagine how there's actual insight contained in your replies, but I just don't know why you can't simply "answer the question" in "plain English."

As another Leonhard (Euler) is supposed to have remarked, it ain't mathematics if you can't explain it to your grandmother.

Okay, [complaint/ ] -- thank you for the link. You may be interested in another: https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/index -- see you around the Academy!


I am more the https://www.tm.org/ type
running on the mantra for 35 yrs

Concerning the responses...
I look at
- the code they provide (are they using parameter/argument/object-definition properly)
- how they formulate the question ( usage of correct terminology like property, method ...)
Then provide
- compressed descriptions in which all terms are explained/used
- an answer using the previously explained terminology
- virus-free links, so they start exploring the manuals that will be what you will be doing if you are on your own