1-56% Aggregate Functions


I don't understand what to count to step 2.

1.Take a look at the data in the fake_apps table. In the code editor type
SELECT * FROM fake_apps;

2.Count how many apps are in the database. In the code editor replace the previous statement with
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM fake_apps;

I wrote in code editor:

SELECT * FROM fake_apps;
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM fake_apps;

and got this error: Type the text in the code editor using the appropriate function.

Thank you.


Hi, new to Code Academy and this is my first class. I too am stuck on this same problem, and it won't let me just skip it to go on. Is there a string different from the directions that I can enter so I can move on?


Did you do that part that I quoted?


Yes, I did, and nothing.....


Could you show me a screenshot please so that I can see what you see?



You didn't "replace the previous statement" - I can still see it there on line 1.


oohhhh 'replace' mean to delete....i delete line 1 and it work.

Thank you!


try excecuting only this SELECT COUNT(*) FROM fake_apps; query without the first statement should work