1 / 4 - Error: private methodnew’ called for Prime:Class (NoMethodError)


I wasn’t getting any errors or results trying to run the refactored code in the browser so I went local on my Mac and was seeing an error:

first_n_primes.rb:8:in `first_n_primes': private method `new' called for Prime:Class (NoMethodError)
	from first_n_primes.rb:13:in `<main>'

I eventually came across this article, but it is closed: Prime.new and Prime.next obsolete in Ruby >2.2

Anyway, there was a Stack Overflow link there which lead me to the solution and the correct usage of the prime module, if you’re running it locally and using a version newer than 1.9 (I’m on 2.3.3p222). If you’re also trying to run code locally and on a version newer than 1.9 change the following lines:

prime = Prime.new


prime = Prime::EratosthenesGenerator.new


Will have to dig around some to find the old posts on this topic. The prime module changed after 1.9, I believe, and the above can be done very simply now…

require 'prime'

def first_n_primes(n)  
  return "n must be an integer." unless n.is_a? Integer
  return "n must be greater than 0." unless n > 0
  Prime.first n

puts first_n_primes(10)

But that is moot. We cannot leave this topic listed since posting of solutions is frowned upon. Comparative analysis that others can discuss is not, though. Perhaps explain a bit further, or keep up your research and report differences that crop up with each new iteration of Ruby.


I updated my original post to remove the entire code and just provide the one line that has to be updated based on your feedback. Thanks by the way!


You’re welcome. I’m still unable to find the post where I had links and explanation for the brevity of that code. Will keep digging, since by my recall it gave some why’s and what-for’s. Wish my recall was so good I could give them now.


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