1.3: Wrap with a div -- bit o' advice


Hey, just using this as a bit of a refresher on HTML, but I do remember some basics.
I just wanted to point out that since the doctype is HTML (ie. we're using html5), should we not use nav tags instead of div id="nav" ?

(edit: I did a silly and put both nav and div in tags. they did not display.)


There is a button on the toolbar that you can use to format code in this forum, it looks like </>.

This set of exercises is working up to introducing us to Bootstrap, which makes use of a nav class.

I'm guessing that the writer of this exercise wants to get us ready for Bootstrap classes at this time and so hasn't introduced nav elements.

Maybe there will be a course in the future that introduces lots of the HTML5 elements.


i dont understand how to do this code......
Oops, try again. Place both ul elements in between opening <div> and closing </div> tags.
what type of divs i wrote.. plx help meeee


I hope that you have two ul elements like these ones:

	    <li>Sign Up</li>
	    <li>Log In</li>

This is what the exercise wants you to do:
- create a nav and a container div and wrap them around those two ul elements like this:

<div class='nav'>
    <div class="container">

       put your two ul elements in here

    </div> <!-- close the container -->
</div> <!-- close the nav -->