1/14 if/else


I can't understand what the error is in this statement.
It would be really helpful if somebody could explain to me what the error is.
Here is the statement:
var isEven = function(number) {
return "true";
return "false";



Hey @killerstealer365! Its just that you only need two equal signs!

Like this:


instead of your code:


Hope this helped if it didnt please respond saying so!


Sure, i will try it out.


It did not work but thanks for trying to help.


Oh ok i spoted the problem! Your suppose to have it in CHAR. Meaning dont return the string , return the char.

So your Code:

Correct Code:

return 'true'
return 'false'

Hope it helped! If it didnt please reply saying so!


I found the mistake.It is actually:
return true;
return false;
see the difference but thanks anyway


JS treats '' and "" the same way also char (in other languages) would always be a single character.
And the difference between == and === is that both compare the values but === additionally checks the types.


Yea sorry, i really confuse Java and JavaScript! But i will stop from now onwards!