1/13 Introduction to Functions in Java Script; wrong string?


So I've been typing up the statement

var speed = 65;

if (speed > 80) {
// Use console.log() to print "Slow down"
console.log=("Slow down");
// Use console.log() to print "Drive safe"
console.log=("Drive safe");

but the system keeps saying that it's printing out the wrong string. If dire and specific information could be given on the current topic it would be greatly appreciated.


here is you define speed

var speed =65;

here you define function as variable:

var drive = function(speed){
//the condition is
if (speed > 80){
console.log("slow down");
else {
console.log("drive safe");

now invoke the function,

drive(); //will console" drive safe"  because var speed is still 65

remember you can modified variable, and variable spee which we put inside function argument

 drive(90); // will console "slow down" because it has been modified to 90 look at the if condition.


I still don't understand. I've tried to use your method but it said that I still got it wrong. Could you perhaps specifically tell what is wrong and how to fix it? Thank you for trying to help out with my mistakes.


var speed = 65;
if (speed>80) {
console.log("Slow down")

else {
console.log("Drive safe")

Hope this helps!