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names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]
for x in names:
print names

error: Oops, try again. It looks like your code did not print "Adam".

even though it printed out all the names?


I also get this issue but it prints out the list of names 5 times as well, including Adam.


Firstly, Make sure you are spacing correctly.
Secondly, You should be printing 'x' instead of 'names' because it will print the 'names' dictionary 5 times since there are 5 names.
but if you print 'x' it will print each name on a separate line

names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]

for namelist in names:
    print namelist


I've got error and nothing printed. I assume that x could be substitute for nameless as above.
the code as below:

names = ["Adam","Alex","Mariah","Martine","Columbus"]
for x in names
print x


its the ":" after the for loop, should be for x in names: