1/11 ES6 Disuse


If the previous lesson taught the new ES6 string interpolation string ${variable}, why did it use the old 'string' + variable again?


Hi @g1b3r1sh,

What usually suggested to every users is to just follow the lesson’s instructions, of what syntax the lesson proposed, that is to avoid the trouble of triggering errors from the validation part. Great that you notice from the observation while learning, that case, you can resume using ES6 syntax for your own practice in other IDE like repl.it. I know this might not be a good answer for the question, but community members here is not representing CC team.

We can’t guess the intent of the course creator or maybe it’s just an overlook during the course creation. You can propose some suggestions in the suggestion area in the community forum, with links towards the exercises and more details, who knows the engineers team or someone will look further into it.

That said. Happy Coding! :slight_smile:


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