08/23 Doesn't is working! Need to fix!

Hello, good day.
I’m in Spanish version, but my code is doesn’t working. :disappointed:

p { font-family: Garamond; } body > p { font-weight: bold; } li > p { text-decoration: underline; }

Instead of body > p put div > p .

The spanish course indeed seems to have a bug, you could try using strong tags inside the paragraph:

<p><strong>i am bold</strong></p>

or the style attribute:

<p style="font-weight: bold">i am bold</p>

you could try those tricks on the introduction and summary paragraph, see if they work.

Thanks but the exercice asks

Make the introductory paragraph and summary have the property font-weight bold value (this property is new to you, but it works like the other you’ve learned).

Thanks but exercise does not accept me these parameters, just waiting to settle it.

Actually your first css selector already makes all p’s in the font-weight of bold, including your introductory paragraph and the summary. You just need div > p to make only your summary blue like they told you so. Yes, it makes every paragraph bold but somehow it works for me. Since I’m not using the spanish version I wouldn’t know if you’re experiencing a bug, but nevertheless just give it a try.

hola a mi no me deja avanzar tampoco, ya probe de muchas formas hasta con class y con id pero nada funciona

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Hi friends, I use the Spanish version site in mozilla firefox and i had the same problem, but i achieved to advance using Chrome. The code doesn’t have any problem, is the web browser. Excuseme for my bad English, I am just learning.

Hola, pude avanzar usando Chrome, en firefox no me dejaba avanzar aunque tenía el código bien. Es un problema del navegador, prueba usando Chrome.

hola, asi es! si se usa Explorer o firefox da errores, aunque el codigo sea correcto.
hay que usar Chrome.! lo constatamos con mi profesor! saludos!

He encontrado la solución al problema, lo que tienen que hacer es acceder desde el navegador safari en OS X, y resolver ahí el ejercicio :slight_smile: