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We offer free Community spaces, including the Chapters program, Discord server, and Forums, for learners all over the world to collaborate, ask questions, showcase their completed projects, and share information and tips relating to our coursework.

By participating in any of our Community Spaces, you agree to adhere to the Codecademy Community Guidelines outlined in this document. In addition, your usage is also subject to the Codecademy.com Terms of Service, which are available to you at registration.

Failure to adhere to these Community Standards may result in disciplinary action up to and including an immediate and permanent ban from the Codecademy Community at the admin team’s discretion.

Community Standards:


1. Be Respectful: Harassment, bullying, or threatening of any kind will not be tolerated. This applies to public posts as well as private messages. We welcome learners of all backgrounds here, and we ask that you respect each others’ viewpoints and assume positive intent.

2. Use the THINK acronym before you engage: Before you post or reply, be sure to THINK. Is your post True? Is it Helpful? Is it informative? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? If the answer to any of those is “No,” try re-framing or re-wording your post.

3. Keep it Appropriate: Refrain from posting adult content or personal information, including age or contact information. Do not attempt to evade the word filter, and keep all language PG. Do not solicit personal information from others.

Integrity and Authenticity

4. Be Authentic: While you are not required to provide your name and are always welcome to go by a username, please refrain from misrepresenting yourself in the community in a misleading way. This includes posting AI-generated answers (like from ChatGPT or other similar tools). Even though AI can help, solutions to coding questions can be nuanced, and we still rely on the community to help answer them.

5. Adhere to the Law: Please only post your code or content unless you are crediting the original author or source. Do not share code that infringes on others’ intellectual property. Do not share harmful code or anything that violates local, state, federal, or international laws.

6. Do not share exam questions: Even though we understand the difficulty of our exams, try to find the answers yourself and do not ask (or provide) solutions to them in our community spaces.


7. Keep it Relevant: Codecademy Community discussions should be limited to topics related to coding or Codecademy coursework.

8. Don’t Spam: Advertising, self-promotion, solicitation, and promotion of third-party services, websites, products, or organizations are strictly prohibited. Refrain from responding to posts older than 30 days; if you still have questions that are not answered in a particular thread, feel free to create a new topic.

9. See something? Say something! Use the flag feature to report spam or inappropriate content. The flag will be reviewed and addressed by the Community Team ASAP.

10. Changes to Standards: Codecademy reserves the right to change or add to the above. It is your responsibility to review the Standards for revisions regularly. Any modifications immediately apply at the time of posting, and by continuing to participate in the community, you agree to any changes made to the Standards.

Please note that while we tried to be as comprehensive as possible, the Community Standards cannot cover everything. The Codecademy Community Team has ultimate discretion regarding Community operations and the well-being of the program. When in doubt, please get in touch with the Community Team at [email protected]. We are here to help.