New Users Section

This is a dedicated section of the forums to help new users to orient themselves in Codecademy and Codecademy Discuss, learn the tools and rules for these forums, and get some extra resources to help them start their coding journey.


Welcome to the Codecademy community! This forum category is for general discussion unrelated to any particular course. For help with your learning on Codecademy please use the relevant language category and lesson subcategory.

Career Talk

This category is for people to discuss how to make their own journey with coding – starting with choosing a language and going all the way through to taking their new coding skills to the workforce, whether as a developer or in any of the other fields that utilize code!


The FAQ category contains answers to some of your most common questions about Codecademy. For our most up-to-date help resources and to contact Codecademy, please use our help desk.


AngularJS is a JavaScript-based, open-source, front-end web application framework that is incredibly popular among developers. This forum category covers the contents of the Learn Angular.js 1.x Codecademy course.


Git is an essential tool for saving and managing different versions of your code projects. This forum category covers the Codecademy course Learn Git.


Codecademy Goals are fun, small courses to help users get used to coding… and enjoying it! This category covers the Goal courses Animate Your Name, Sun, Earth, and Code, and About You.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) act as a gateway to a software program, allowing other programs to interact with it safely and securely. This forum category covers a range of Codecademy API courses, the Amazon Alexa course, and the Watson API course.

Command Line

Command Line is a powerful and precise mouse-free tool for interacting with a computer; it is often deemed near-essential for accomplishing advanced coding tasks. This forum category covers the content of Codecademy's Learn the Command Line course.


Java has been one of the world's most popular programming languages for over twenty years, favored in particular by large businesses for its reliability, compatibility, and performance at scale. This forum category covers the Codecademy course Learn Java.


HTML and CSS are the languages that provide structure and style to webpages. This forum category covers the Codecademy courses HTML & CSS and Learn HTML & CSS.


JavaScript is an essential web technology, adding interactivity to the structure and style of HTML and CSS. This forum category covers the Codecademy courses Learn JavaScript and JavaScript.


jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML - it is the fastest and easiest way to add interactivity and animation to your website. This forum category covers the Codecademy course jQuery.

Make & Deploy a Website

Utilize your HTML & CSS skills to build and deploy an interactive website in these three introductory Codecademy courses on web development: Make a Website, Make an Interactive Website, and Deploy a Website.


Python is a widely used, high-level, powerful programming language, with a wide range of uses from web development to data science. Sites like YouTube, Reddit, and Dropbox are powered by Python. This forum category covers the Codecademy course Python.


Ruby on Rails is a web application framework working with the language Ruby, enabling developers to quickly and easily develop web applications. This forum category covers the Codecademy courses Learn Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Rails: Authentication.


React.js is an efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This forum category covers the Codecademy courses Learn React: Part 1 and Part 2.


Ruby is a general purpose programming language designed to be easy to use. Ruby powers sites like AirBnb and Codecademy, and is the basis of the incredibly popular Ruby on Rails framework. This forum category covers the Codecademy course Ruby.


Sass is an extension of CSS that helps you to keep things organized through nested rules, variables, and more, allowing you to create stylesheets faster. This forum category covers the Codecademy course Learn Sass.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard data-management language, enabling you to communicate with databases. This forum category covers the Codecademy courses Learn SQL, SQL: Table Transformation and SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics.


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The Guide section is built by the Codecademy community to help people progress in their learning journey. It provides a singular place to find the best, most relevant discussions to supplement Codecademy content – currently just covering Python and HTML but over time expanding to all Codecademy courses.


This category will serve as an environment where learners can open broader discussion about the languages explored across Codecademy’s suite. These discussions may include, but are not limited to: