Part 1: Intro to JSX Learn to use JSX, the basic syntax of React.js Part 2: Style Learn simple styling in React. Part 2: Child Components Update Their Parents' Learn to make a child component update its parent. Part 2: Mounting Lifecycle Methods Lifecycle methods that occur when a component first mounts to the DOM. Part 2: Install Babel Install and configure Babel locally Part 2: Video Player Project For this project, you'll make three React components work together to create a responsive video player. Let's get started! Part 2: HTMLWebpackPlugin Install and configure HTMLWebpackPlugin Part 2: Container Components From Presentational Learn your second React programming pattern. Part 2: React Forms Learn to use forms in React. Part 2: Updating/Unmounting Lifecycle Methods Lifecycle methods that occur when a component updates or unmounts from the DOM. Part 2: Install React Install React.js locally Part 1: Random Color Project In this project, we'll build a program that helps designers think of new color schemes. Part 2: Install Webpack Install and configure Webpack locally Part 2: PropTypes Learn to use propTypes to validate props and provide documentation. Part 2: Stateless Functional Components Learn to write components as functions. Part 2: Conclusion Run a React.js program locally Part 1: Components and Advanced JSX Apply your knowledge of JSX to React components. Part 1: Components Render Other Components Learn How and Why Components Render Other Components Part 1: this.props Learn about one of the ways to store dynamic information in React: this.props. Part 1: this.state Learn about the other way to store dynamic information in React: this.state. Part 2: Child Components Update Their Siblings' Learn the final piece of the pattern: a child component updates the props of its sibling. Part 1: Your First React Component Creating Your First React Component. Part 1: Advanced JSX Learn JSX In Depth. Part 2: Stateless Components Inherit Learn to pass props from a stateful component to a stateless component. Part 1: Authorization Form Project A client just called you to say that they love their new website! There's only one problem: they don't like how their contact page displays their personal information for all to see.
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