Sass Bar Chart The team at Organic-Press wants to include a static bar chart on their about page.
Refactor CSS to SCSS Help the band refactor their code by nesting selectors and identifying variables.
Mixins and the & Selector Learn how to use mixins and the & selector to create an interactive index card that flips when you hover.
Animated Company Logo The team at Logo Factory wants you to animate a new logo using SCSS.
Functions and Operations Learn to use Sass functions, loops, and conditions to style different components of a webpage.
Sassy Parallax Banner The sleek travel agency Travels-R-Us has reached out to you to launch their new "Visit Myanmar" page.
Sustainable SCSS Learn about the best Sass practices such as partials, placeholders and <span class="mention">@import</span>.
Hello Sass Style your own lemonade stand's website by compiling Sass and learning to use variables and nests.

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