Hello Sass Style your own lemonade stand's website by compiling Sass and learning to use variables and nests. Sass Bar Chart The team at Organic-Press wants to include a static bar chart on their about page. Animated Company Logo The team at Logo Factory wants you to animate a new logo using SCSS. Sustainable SCSS Learn about the best Sass practices such as partials, placeholders and <span class="mention">@import</span>. Refactor CSS to SCSS Help the band refactor their code by nesting selectors and identifying variables. Functions and Operations Learn to use Sass functions, loops, and conditions to style different components of a webpage. Sassy Parallax Banner The sleek travel agency Travels-R-Us has reached out to you to launch their new "Visit Myanmar" page. Mixins and the & Selector Learn how to use mixins and the &amp; selector to create an interactive index card that flips when you hover.
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