Rails: Associations I Use associations to model one-to-many relationships.
Project: Bass Music Bass wants a Rails app for their music streaming service.
Project: Portfolio Make a portfolio app to feature your projects.
Project: Stories Stories is making a landing page for their upcoming travel journal app.
Authentication Project: Newsstand 2 Newstand wants to add an authorization system to their news app.
Project: Bookmarks Bookmarks wants a Rails app for their best-seller list.
Project: Broadway Broadway wants to build a Rails app for their home page.
Project: Bolt Network Bolt Network wants to create a Rails app with a Home page and an About page.
Project: Innovation Cloud Innovation Cloud want to create a Rails app to collect email signups.
Project: Threadly Threadly wants to create a Rails app for their commenting service.
Authentication Project: Newsstand 1 Newstand wants to add an authentication system to their news app.
Authentication: 2. Authorization Give specific users permission to access certain parts of your app.
Rails: Associations II Model many-to-many relationships to build powerful Rails apps.
Authentication: 1. Authentication Build a system to let users sign up, log in, and log out of your app.
Rails: Saving Data Learn how to add a database to a Rails app.
Rails: Getting Started Get up and running quickly by building a Rails app from scratch.

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