ASCII Portfolio In this project, you’ll use Git backtracking commands to undo mistakes made to an ASCII art portfolio! Poem Fiasco In this project, changes have been made to a series of poems and you want to change them back. Recipe Book In this project, you’ll be playing the role of two collaborators working on a recipe book. Quizzes Use this category to discuss any of the Learn Git quizzes. Birthday Party In this project, you’ll be using Git to make a 1-page website for your friend Kay’s birthday party. Ruby Time Calculator In this project, you'll have to resolve merge conflicts in two markdown files. Manhattan Zoo In this project, you’ll use Git to keep track of meal guidelines for animals at the Manhattan Zoo. SnapFit Robots, Inc In this project, you will be working on assembly instructions for Snap-Fit Robots Inc., a build-it-yourself robot company. JavaScript Homework In this project, we’ll be using Git to write comments on your student’s JavaScript homework. Branching Use this category to discuss the Learn Git - Git Branching exercises. Teamwork Use this category to discuss the Learn Git - Git Teamwork exercises. Backtracking Use this category to discuss the Learn Git - How to Backtrack in Git exercises. Basic Git Workflow Use this category to discuss the Learn Git - Basic Git Workflow exercises.
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