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About the General category 2 February 15, 2016
Where can I find a reference for a programming language's syntax? 2 February 15, 2016
When will Codecademy teach [insert language/course here]? 2 February 15, 2016
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Codecademy is in a foreign language. How can I change it to my language? 2 February 15, 2016
I've lost my Progress! 3 February 21, 2016
Where do I start? 2 February 14, 2016
How can I change the language that this site is displayed in? 2 February 14, 2016
Course Acess Problems 3 February 14, 2016
Can I offer a suggestion for a new Course? 2 February 14, 2016
Manage emails, Unsubscribe and Delete account 2 February 14, 2016
Access issues 3 February 21, 2016
What Language Do You Need to Know? 2 February 15, 2016